Monday, May 30, 2016

Ed's secret sauce recipe from the movie good burger.

Ed's secret sauce from the move good burger. Growing up me and my sister's love watching good burger

We loved how funny it was and super silly when I first wondered if there was a ed's secret sauce recipe.

And today I googled it and I found the recipe it is supper easy to make and my family loved it

You can find the recipe here
Spoon university. Com

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial day 2016

 Memorial day
As we celebrate this day
Please remember it is not
About the cookouts
Are the food are the sales at the store.
It's about the men and women who
Died serving are contry
And giving use freedom
And it's about the family's
Who lost loved ones
I would like to give thanks to the many men and women who sacrificed their lives for are freedom
And don't forget about God who sacrificed him self to save use from are sins. And give use freedom from are sins. For those who believe in him no man can ever do that.
And Jesus came back to life

And no matter who the president is are who is in charge of are government is God is in charge of all nation's.

Enjoy reading

Saturday, May 28, 2016

One of my favorite poems

All things beautiful
all things bright and beautiful
all creatures great and small
all things wise and wonderful-
The lord God made them all

Each little flower that opens
Each little bird that sings-
He made there glowing colors
he made there tiny wings
the purple-headed mountain
the river running by
the morning and the sunset
that lightens up the sky
the tall trees in the greenwood
the pleasant summer sun
the ripe fruits in the garden-
he made them every one
he gave use eyes to see them
and lips. that we might tell how great is God
Almighty who does all things well- John Keble

I love this Poem
I found on Pinterest
It is so true.

Enjoy reading angelika

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Visit north Carolina

North Carolina is a beautiful state
It has beautiful weather and the landscaping is beautiful too
The mountains are beautiful there too and so are the wild flowers
and the sunsets

I took this pictures at a rest area it was a very nice rest area too
they had a nice vending machine too
with lot of different kids of snacks and drinks.

we go throw north Carolina a lot and it sure is a beautiful place to go see and visit
we used to live in  myrtle beach south Carolina  and it is beautiful there too
the weather is always nice too and it is bright and sunny.
it does rain.

There is a lot of things to see and do in north Carolina and south Carolina

here are some links to look at if you are planing a trip to north and south Carolina

enjoy reading angelika

Monday, May 23, 2016

beautiful day at butler park!

Went to Butler park with my family today
it is located in massillon Ohio, 

It is a very nice and beautiful park
they have a very nice play ground and hiking trail 
there zip line is super fun to go on 
they have a nice tire swing and more.
on there hiking trial they have a beautiful barn with horses.
and beautiful historical house that was built a long time ago.

It was a very beautiful day to go to the park
and to catch up with family!
and hangout 
the park also has a nice picnic area 
  and a walking trail around the pound 

I love to hear and see the wildlife too.
This is a great park to take your family too,

enjoy reading Angelika 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Love Locket!

The story behind this locket is my mom got me and my sister different one's right after my sister died I was 8 when she passed away..
right after Are sister died my mom always started this christmas tradition where she would put gifts for each of use in a christmas stocking and call it hannah's stocking we always looked forward to it
we would get some really beautiful stuff necklaces and cute little angels  and more,

Over time my sister misplaced there lockets but i still have mine. inside is a picture of me and my Guy friend me and this special friend have been friends since high school we would go to every school dance together and hangout and go bowling and stuff it was fun, we have been friends for 9 years know, And many more years to come!

We still do hannah's stocking even though we are older know i still enjoy it.
my sister died of a virus the attacked her heart, she was only 14 months old,
her stone is a cute little angel that is holding up balloons with her name on it,
there is even a picture on her stone.

It is never easy when you lose someone you Love
but i know she is in a safe place called Heaven with our Lord and savior
so me and my family look forward to seeing her again.

There is some good memories we have of hannah
she loved cheerios and her favorite color was red,
she loved being with the family everyday i would get off the bus
there she would be just smiling away, clapping her little hands she was so happy to see use,

enjoy reading angelika!

Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

My favorite dish is tater tot casserole,
it is one of my many favorites.

I always ask my mom to make tater tot casserole for my birthday!

you can find the recipe here

cinnamon vanilla pancakes

My friend shared this recipe with me
it is really good i made it a lot
i have made it with  chocolate chips too and dark chocolate pancakes too,,

There are so many was you can make this cinnamon vanilla pancakes,

you can find the recipe here..
find more recipes like this

enjoy angelika

Friday, May 20, 2016

beautiful wildlife

There are this cute baby ducks 
that are swimming outside today in are pound!
it is so cute to watch them go across the pond back and forth.

There mom is teaching them how to swim
God is truly amazing how he made animals 

There has been this lizard hangout on our window for two day know 
too funny
I also love being outside
and i love taking nature photography
my mom will go walking with me so i can take pictures
you will never find me without my camera.

enjoy reading angelika,  

cupcake wars!

Me and my family love watching Cupcake wars on tv
i love how they have different themes like the wizard of oz
and more,

I also like all the different kinds of  cupcakes they make with cool and weird ingredients
and the beautiful decoration they put on it. and the 100 cupcake displays are really cool and too and the creativity that goes in them.

I like this show because i love to bake,
and make new things


cupcake wars on food network

enjoy reading angelika

kids say the funniest things!

I was a kindergarten teachers aid at a christian school and it was the best job i ever had
yes some days were hard.
but let me just say that kids say the funniest stuff.

I also help in children's ministry at church the 2 year old and the 3 year old
and I have 29 cousin my grandma had 9 kids,

Here is some funny stuff kids had ever said to me
one is in the 4 year old class one kids said my mommy and daddy got in a fight last night and mom did not come home,, kids are very honest in what they say they will repent anything,
then one time i was playing legos with my cousin who is 9 and he said pretend a giant fart smelled so bad that it knocked people out lol,

In the 3 year old room at church i was wearing seashell earrings and a 3 year old said what are you wearing seashell earring he was just so amazed that i was wearing seashells lol!

My one cousin said the crocodile ate the chipmunk lol
too funny

enjoy reading angelika

Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to Get Saved

Hi I am a born-again christian and i Got saved when i was about 8 years old
i went to church my whole life when to sunday school with my family
then one day my mom asked me if i wanted to be part of God's family and i said yes it was that very moment i asked jesus into my heart and asked him to forgive me of my sins.

you can also be part of God's family too
all you have to do is ask God into your heart and ask him to forgive you of your sins
there is some more info in the picture above..

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

John 3:16
for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

here is a good link

enjoy reading angelika

what scares me most about my Epilepsy

HI my name is angelika and i have epilepsy 

Having epilepsy is scary in so many ways
like being scared you are going to have a seizure in front of people 

And asking people for rides is never easy and I get  nerves feeling
because i don't know what they are going to say 
i had this one friend who called me a bad friend because she said i was using her for
rides it was very hurtful i showed my mom the message and she helped me feel better
you find out who your real friends and family are when you are sick.
God talks about helping the needy. 

Epilepsy is hard to have because you don't know how people are going to treat you
And you don't know how people are going to respond
by you tell them that you have epilepsy 
i am always scared they are not going to be my friend because of it.
And i have this dizzy spells like i can't remember what i am to people
when i am having a conversion it can be very upsetting to me because 
i can't remember what i said to them.

i am thankful  for so many wonderful things God has done in  my life,
and the people he as put in my life
like my family and friends
and my dog 

God can do so much for use!

enjoy reading angelika

low carb fudge!

I love making this low carb Fudge it is really easy to make
and very good my family loves it!
they always ask me to make it

you can find the recipe here

enjoy reading,

living with a chronic Illness

Hi my name is Angelika and i have a chronic illness called epilepsy
living was a chronic illness is never easy there are times i am sick and moody and just don't feel good
Living with a invisible illness is harder than you think people don't believe you're sick are anything is wrong with you because they don't see it, And understand what a invisible illness is

Living with a invisible illness affects you in so many ways like memory loss and Adhd and more
I have adult Adhd too and there are times it is hard to control myself but with my family help i can do that. I don't let epilepsy hare having a chronic illness get me down

I enjoy the life i have with friends and family, i like going to the beach and finding seashells and just blogging i find blogging to be fun and calming it's like i can  share my feeling with the world and my life with them too, God gave me the gift of taking pictures and writing and i am using it.

There are times people hurt my feeling i know they're not trying to. but little things they say like
i am not allowed going swimming by myself because of my epilepsy so when i ask my friend to go to the pool with me one person sade let go babysit you very hurtful.  some other thing i can't do because of my epilepsy is drive i can't drive which sometimes make me sad.

But the things i can do makes me happy like hanging out with friends and family and going places i love to travel and go different places. and read my bible and go to church on sunday with my family
and church related activities.
God blessed me with so much great friends and family

enjoy reading angelika

disney world gifts!

My sister Went to disney world with her boyfriend
for a vacation 

she got me and my sisters the cutest gifts 
we all got mickey mouse  suckers 
and bath stuff shampoo and body was 
and this cute little pins.

i had tramp from lady in the tramp pin 
and shampoo and body was and a red
mickey mouse sucker. 

they were really cute gifts and very thoughtful of her to think of use like that.
i am looking forward to wearing my new pin
and showing my friends and family,

thank you sister 

enjoy reading angelika

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

hobo pies

I made Hobo pies in high school all the time
i also made hobo pies for my family too and they likes it
i have used apple pie filling and cherry pie filling
you can use any pie filling you like,

here is the recipe

hope you enjoy!

Ice cream sandwiches.

I made a waffle ice cream sandwich for my grandma and i ones
 it was really good and easy to make

take 2 frozen waffles and put them in the toaster 
after they are cooked take any ice cream you like and put it between
your waffles then you have a ice cream sandwich feel free to Add whipped cream on top
and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.   
they are really good
on a hot summer day.

let me know if you like them and have tried them,

Cooking with me!

I love to Cook and make new food and try new things,
you will find me in the kitchen making new foods I love cooking for my friends and family

My favorite thing to make is baked goods like cupcakes and cookies and cakes and more yummy goodies,
I also like to cook lunch and dinner foods.
i made this yummy pasta dish for my family once it was really good
i took fresh veggies and pasta noodles and it was really good and they liked it too :)

i love watching food network and making new things my favorite tv show is
Barefoot Contessa and the The Pioneer Woman and the hungry girl

i have made some of the hungry girls recipes they are really good!
i love cooking and baking

enjoy reading angelika


peanut butter popcorn

Last night's snack
Peanut butter popcorn
It was really good
and my dog wanted some too

you can find the recipe here


frozen hot chocolate!

My sister made this for me one time
and it was so good
i asked for seconds

here is the recipe it is really easy to make,
Frozen hot chocolate:
1 Hot chocolate packet
1/2 cup of milk
1 cup of ice
Blend & add whipped cream:)

hope you enjoy 
let me know if you made it 

Florida wildlife and weather

I love  the wildlife and weather here in florida
the bugs and frogs and snakes are super cool!
and the birds and lizards everywhere are cool too.

the weather last night was crazy we were under a tornado watch and the lighting was scary so with the thunder and the wind but God kept use all safe and there was no tornade,
the rain comes down hard here in florida.
and it is alway hot here too and windy

the big frogs here in florida are cool to see but they can be poisonous. so be careful
not to touch them also do not feed the wildlife here, and be careful of you come across a alligator
the wildlife can be awesome to see here.

Like the big sandhill cranes they are big birds and loud..

enjoy reading angelika

candy stores in myrtle beach

I loved Going to the candy Stores in myrtle beach
when my friends came to visit me in myrtle beach
that is some of the places we went too

here are some candy stores we went too
it's sugar at broadway at the beach!
and I love sugar at  at the beard walk.
and wee r sweetz at barefoot landing
they were fun to look at and buy some candy

my friend got a whale back of chocolate it was really good
we got candy bars and a bacon sugar 
and my friend pick out the jelly bean game were they taste

the staff was very nice,
and the store was nicely decorated 
with all the candy you can think of

enjoy reading angelika :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

epilepsy and how it has affected me

Hi my name is Angelika
I am 23 and an epilepsy patient 
I had Epilepsy since i was one years old

My mom has helped me a lot by being my supporter
and so as my other family members

Epilepsy and medicine has Affected me in so many ways by having a bad memory 
i Can't Remember a lot of things, that is way  i could not keep with the other kids in kindergarten 
and i could not remember things in high school!
are middle school. 

so my mom took me out of the public school to teach me in a way i could learn,
she would make a agenda so i could remember what i was supposed to do.
but the things i can remember are good things :)

I can remember one time my aunt told me when i was little i was looking in the 
refrigerator to get a drink and i had a grand mal seizure
and she caught me before i hit the floor,

My sister are to thank too they have helped in a lot of way
and helped my mom too when i was having so many seizures all at once
my sister would stay up with me while my mom could rest
my sister took turn caring for me and my grandma and mom helped me too,

THINGS that have helped me is with my epilepsy 
is blogging it has helped me with my feeling
and sharing my thoughts with the would
and doing crafts and art has helped me as well,,

enjoy reading angelika

Blueberry cobbler.

Made Blueberry Cobbler tonight 
it was fun to make,
and it was really good my family loved it!

here is the recipe 
2 cups of blueberries simmer till warm

Crust: 1/2 cup coconut flour 2 eggs, beaten 1/2 coconut oil, melted 2 TB splenda brown sugar 1/4 tsp pink salt 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda Mix well. Flatten dough in hands to form a top crust

but the blueberries in the pan first then the crust
bake at 350 for 20 mins or until golden brown

you can use any fruit you like we also made this using strawberry so good!

bake and enjoy :)

5 ways to use a taco shell

.Have taco shells in you refrigerator at home but don't what taco's,
so what to do

I am going to give you ideas on what to use those taco shells for

1.tonight we made cheese roll up they are so easy to make and taste great
what you do is fry your taco shell in a pan and add cheese and roll it up and there you have it,

2.we have also made s'mores using a taco shells
what you do is add a chocolate candy bar and marshmallows in to the taco shell
and put it into a pan and cook it, the chocolate will be hot and it will be yummy

3.And a cinnamon and sugar  taco shell
dip the egg into cinnamon and sugar and put it in to a frying pan it will be super yummy,

4. you can also make a tuna melt using a taco shell
what you do is add your tuna mixture in to the taco shell and pan fry it,,
it will be very good!

5. you can make pita chips using taco shells too
take your taco shells and cut them into piece add drizzle olive oil on them season them with you favorite seasonings. then but them into the oven and they will get crispy and yummy,,

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Beautiful sunflowers

Sunflowers made by me

I took a free art class at my local library once
and they were teaching us how to draw a sunflower
the ones i made at the library i gave to a friend of mine,

so i thought i would make new ones to display on my blog

sunflowers and honeysuckles are my favorite flowers every 
they are beautiful to look at and they make me happy :). 
when i see them

God made the flowers so beautiful and they smell good too.
i am thankful for flowers without them are would would be boring.

I would love to have a beautiful Garden someday filled with honeysuckles and 
all kids of beautiful flowers, and tree
and fresh fruits and veggies,,

and roses in my garden too they are beautiful too look at as well

enjoy reading angelika 

coloring fun!

I got this pictures from kids-in-fun

Alvin and the chipmunks. Coloring page found on kids_in_fun coloring pages I colored it one is drinking chocolate milkshake and strawberry milkshake and cotton candy milkshake

Tommy from rugrats I colored it and he is playing on a ball. Coloring page found on kids_in_fun

Jane from Tarzan. I colored it and found this picture on kids_in_fun coloring pages

they have all kinds of coloring pages for you and your kids to color
from all kinds of kids movies..

it is one of my favorite coloring pages website 

link here

enjoy reading angelika

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Manatee Observation & Education Center 2016

Went to the Manatee Observation & Education Center today and it was a lot of fun
I enjoyed see everything they Had inside the museum

like a real  manatee bones hanging from the ceiling
and a touch tank where you can touch the animals inside the tank if we asked for help!

they had different and cool fish swimming inside the tank and seahorses

fish bones and seashells on display
and they had stuff they found on the beach hanging from the wall it was really cool to see

they also had a beautiful Gift shop filled with pretty and cool things

they have a observation deck where you can look for the manatees
but we did not see any.

My family liked to see a lot of the different creature things,,

here is the link to the website

enjoy reading

I interviewed my Best Friends

This is my best friend  Monica we have been friends for 3 years know and we enjoy our time together!
we have been on so many adventures together like going to chuck e cheese and build a bear workshop where we got this cute stuffed animal she got a bunny and i got a wolf!

Then she and another friend came to see me when i lived in myrtle beach they stayed for a week it was a lot of fun. i got to stay in the hotel with them too and we went to the ripley's museum
and went to the family kingdom amusement park.

here is a little bit more about my friend

My bucket list is pretty long. Some of the big events are getting married and having kids, watching a movie being made, going to New York City, riding in a hot air balloon, and going to China. I really want to make more time for spending more time with God, family and friends. would give some of the money to my family and friends, then give the rest to a great cause. The first thing I like to do is look at my Facebook.

In this picture me and my friend went to a ice cream and candy store! she need something to keep her awake for a test exam so we got all this candy sugar rush!

we like listing to music and watching tv and going to movies
and bowling and more.

enjoy reading angelika

Thursday, May 12, 2016

my 23 birthday

My 23 birthday was a lot of my mom took me to starbucks for my birthday
then she took me to get a hair cute it was fun, then to a store to pick out new clothing

My family celebrated my birthday dinner by making me my favorite meal
tater tot casserole, my sister got me chocolate seashells and a cute book
the chocolate seashells were really good
my other sister made me a beautiful picture.
and i got some awesome cards in the mail

my best friend made me a scrapbook it was very cute and sweet,
what a great surprise

enjoy reading angelika


The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too.

The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too. I would say the first thing that refreshes my soul and makes me happy is ...