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Book review: This babe so small written by Jann W. Martin

This babe so small written by Jann W. Martin

A well known story of the birth of Christ but told through the eyes of a seven year old girl whose family lives at the inn where Mary and Joseph came. This innocent child tells the story in a way that seems new to all of us. Her first hand experience gives the reader a child's perspective on what it was like to be there for the birth.
This is a very nice story with a great out look and beautifully Illustrationed 
This would make a good gift for any child who loves the lord and what's to read his story. this book is filled with beautiful pictures and a well written story that will capture the minds of all who read it.
I also loved this story of baby Jesus so if you are like me you will like it too.  this would make a great gift for any one teachers a child and a pastor anyone. 
This would also be a great book  to read to you children every Christmas and just when ever you would like too.
this book is both engaging and compelling and sparklin…

My bible study and whats in my bible

My bible study and whats in my bible
Today I am going to share with you what's in my bible and my bible study I like to use and that is soap bible study and I hope you like it and that it 
 i am using the soap method, S stands for scripture so i will write out the verse that i am reading.. O stands for OBSERVATION so i write down what i think the verse is saying to me, A stands for applying so i write down how the verse apply s to me, P stands for prayer so i write down my prayers smile emoticon.. it's a really cool method

I stared doing the bible study called soap when i found the idea on pinterest  and i been using it for some time know and i really like it. It as helped me with my walk with God
I use the Gods word for girls bible my step dad got it for me and i really like it it has all kinds of fun things in it what i like to do is highlight bible verses and take notes on sticky notes and add them to my bible i also take notes in my bible too  I find joy in knowing God is wit…

Insects and Bug and why i like them

Insects are incredibly adaptable creatures and have been created to live successfully in most environments on earth
I started liking bugs and insects when my mom got me my first but book growing up and i got my first bug kit i remember catching spiders and putting them in my bug kit and all kinds of different bugs. 
In fact did you know there are all kinds of bugs and insects in the world today. Believe it our know there a about 950,000 species of insects found on google.

All insects have 
3 body parts-a head thorax and adbomen six jointed legs two antennae to sense the world around them  an exoskeleton and a outside skeleton
Spiders are not insects because they have eight legs and don't have three body parts.Centipedes and millipedes have way too many legs to be called insects!Most insects have one or two pairs of wings, but wings aren't necessary to be classified an insect.  found on web
I loved looking for daddy long legs in my back yard and other creepy things, 

I think  it wo…

Interviewing Jennifer Miller a mom with a special needs Son

Interviewing Jennifer Miller a mom with a special needs Son

1 Q your name  A Jennifer Miller 

2 Q Tell me about your family and kids,
A I am married to my husband Casey we have been married for 8 years ..I have two sons Kody is 6 and he has special needs then Hudson is 3 years old

3 Q Beyond the day-to-day business of extra doctor appointments, therapy sessions, and IEP meetings, in what ways is family life challenged by having a child with special needs? A It is very challenging to do things depending on Kody mood he doesn't like lot of people so we stay home lot or go to friends house or have people come here .he likes to be comfortable We can't do normal stuff that other family can do 4 Q What fears do you have as a special needs parent, and how do you address them? AI have lot of fears one is that list won't be accepted by many friends ..And the medical if his medical needs he was born with low muscle tone failure ADHD sensory processing disorder and global delayed in all area…

Low carb cheesecake and crust recipe with a independent ninja review

making cheesecake filling with the ninja

Low carb cheesecake and crust recipe with a independent ninja review
Me and my family are on the zero to low carb diet and are always looking for something new to make dessert wise,
So tonight we are making low carb cheesecake for the crust you will need melt 1 stick of butter melted then add a 1/4 cup of sugar substitute we used Stevia and a 1/2 cup of flax seed meal and a a 1/4 cup of unsweetened coconut flakes then you back at 400 degrees  for 10 minutes until brown and firm.
For the cheesecake part you will need to get out your blinder so you will need 2 eggs 1 block of cream cheese and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1/2 cup of sugar substitute and 1/4 cup of sour cream blind well and pour of your baked crust and bake at 400 degrees for  40 minutes       

I love my Ninja it's very easy for me to use and i enjoy using it in my kitchen because i like to cook i use it do mix all kinds of things like my low carb pumpkin cheesecake filling…

Independent Hard candy Cosmetic review

Introducing the hard candy make up my favorite eye shadow is the smoky eyes and I really like the fierce effects darling lip gloss and the all glossed up hydrating lip stain
Independent Hard candy Cosmetic review
I don't think  i ever tried hand candy products until know that my aunt introduced me to it.
I am glad i got to try it my favorite so far is the fierce effects darling lip gloss and the all glossed up  hydrating lip stain and i also like the smokey eye shadow. 
I am not getting paid for this review the opinions are my own.
I hope to try more of there products and Cosmetics because i really like it and they make me feel and look beautiful and i can't wait to tell my friends and family about them too,
There products make great gifts too like great stocking staffers and birthday gifts for any occasions.

They also have other products besides make up like hair and nail products and reading class i hope to try there nail polish it is so beautiful.
You can find hard candy pr…

New Opportunities and my Goals for the new year 2017

Taken in myrtle beach at my old house.
New Opportunities and my Goals for the new year 2017
What a blessing it is to have a new year to create a fresh new start. The wonder of what the new year will bring and the beauty of each new day,
I love that we are giving new year to celebrate Love Joy and even crying.  What a blessing God are father has giving us a reminder that we all  deserve a clean new start  a fresh new day. 
It's amazing to me how God can use are past to shape are future just because we missed out on life opportunities in the past we can thank God for new opportunities in the future,
This year my Goals are to find Joy in the little things and  to Grow in my relationship With God and Reach more People for Christ through my blog and work on my book reviews and product reviews. And eating healthier and watching what i eat and to loss weight.  And to find a good doctor and the right meds for my epilepsy and Adhd.
I have been watching Pollyanna and what i like about this show …

Interviewing a stay at home mom Melissa flood. Everything you won't to know.

Interviewing a stay at home mom Melissa flood.
Name Melissa Flood
1 Q Tell me about your family?
AI have been married 5 yrs to Stephen and I have a daughter named Emma who is 3, a son Stephen who is 1 and three cats
2. Q what is a normal day like for you
A Stephen usually gets up with little Stephen in the morning around 7. Then I get up with Emma. Then it's breakfast time for the kids and then I get a chance to eat and shower before Stephen heads into work. The. Little Stephen goes down for a nap. During that time it's one on one time with Emma. We do crafts, play or work on her preschool curriculum. Then when Stephen wakes we run out and do our errands. We come home and then it's lunch time for the kids and I. Then the kids play while I clean up from lunch and get some household chores done. The. It's afternoon naps for Emma and Stephen. After nap time I start dinner so that it's ready when stephen gets home from work. After dinner we do something as a family (wa…

My first Broadway show Mary Poppins 2010

Me in Cleveland at the play house  My first Broadway show Mary Poppins 2010
I had so much fun going to see Mary Poppins with a good friend of mine they had a extra ticket and asked me to go it was very surprising and joy to go and see the amazing show at the play house in Cleveland Ohio.
We had a great time went out for lunch and got some really good sandwiches and then went to a pre show it was cute and very entertaining.
The show was really good and the Actors did a amazing Job too and the whole place was full and it had a great turn out i really enjoyed my self.
Then after the show we got some pictures and then went to a local coffee shop to talk and get some drinks it was a fun day.
I went to a lot of shows that i enjoyed one show was sound of music and phantom of the opera those were really good too my favorite was marry Poppins. 
There was a wedding going on down town Cleveland too so that was pretty to see as well.
I love going to the movies with my friends and family i love s…