What it’s like being an adult with epilepsy

What it’s like to be an adult with epilepsy

Being a adult with epilepsy is hard somedays it feels like a roller coaster you never know what’s going to go wrong epilepsy is like a roller coaster going up and down someday are good and somedays are bad.

But I always try to stay calm and strong living with epilepsy is no walk in the park but with God in my side I know I Am good.

What scares me most about having epilepsy is am I going to have a seizure in public or around my friends or make someone mad for asking for rides but God has blessed me with great friends and family who I know I can go to for anything and I feel safe with.

Another thing is the medicine I am on how are they going to make me feel today am I going to have a good day or am I going to be sick today from them but I always tell my family how I feel and they help me and the Lord helps me too.

How my illness changed my life

How my illness changed my life.

I would say my illness changed my life by making me stronger and open to new new things like being in the special Olympics bowling as well as traveling around the us.

It as also made me outgoing and always kind and nice to people.

Being special needs has not brought me down it has brought me up and stronger it does get challenging but with God in my side I can face anything.

I would say that being special needs and having epilepsy is ok I have learned how to be ok with it my Illness is not me it is only part of me.

I am going to stay strong and trust God and I have a great support team behind me thank you lord for always being there for me.

If you walked a mile in my shoes

If you walked a mile in my shoes you could never do it because I learned how to stay strong through every kidney stone that I have ever passed I was in a lot of pain but God helped me through it and so did my family and doctors.

My family has been a big help too they have been there through everything all my seizures I have ever had and through every kidney stone.

I guess walking in someone’s shoes would be hard we all have something going on in are lives on ones life is perfect we all have something we are dealing with the goal is to stay strong and trust God.

I do get scared thinking I am going to have a seizure in public but when I get that feeling I ask God to help me not have a seizure in public and he hears me and helps me.

I have seen everything and it seems like I have been through everything but God is always with me and my family too.

How I Managing my epilepsy

How I manage my epilepsy.

I manage my epilepsy by taking my epilepsy medicine on time and taking my vitamins for my heart and body and over all health.

There are side effects from my epilepsy medicine that is high cholesterol I take medicine for that and I also suffer from bad anxiety so I take medicine for that sometimes I feel like I can never win but I need my medicine to stay alive and well.

I also manage my epilepsy by eating right I try too. I also get  exercise and stay active by walking in the park with my mom.

I also enjoy Zumba yoga and walking and lifting weights when I can.

Having epilepsy is no walk in the park it comes with a lot of health problems but I try my very best to manage it by eating right stayed active and getting lots of exercise managing epilepsy is hard but with my families and my doctors and Gods help I can manage it I try to stay strong.

I am also blessed to have my epilepsy controlled by medicine.

How to help someone who is having a seizure

How to help someone who is having a seizure some people don’t know how to help someone who is have a seizure.

Here are some ways you can help.

Learn the symptoms my symptoms are starring and scattered thoughts some people think I am just tired but it’s called absent seizure and I get anxiety.

Always watch the person carefully I am also being watched by my family I am never alone and when I am with my friends I trust i can tell them my epilepsy symptoms so they no what they are looking for.

Speak quickly and calmly by speaking calmly you can help the person coming out of the seizure to stay calm.

Other ways you can help is by explain to people what is happening so they know and they can help too and watch and learn how to help as well.

Help the person who is having a seizure by guiding that person to a gently to a safe area away from anything dangerous.

Also please don’t restrain or stop them from any movement that can do more harm then good. Stay with that person until he or she regai…

My first hand sewed quilt and jazzing up my bedroom

My first hand sewed quilt and jazzing up my bedroomI made my first hand made quilt hand sewed it all and everything on it. I hand sewed all the dragonflies and the sunflowers as well as the crows and everything on it.
It took me about 3 weeks to hand sew everything you see on this beautiful quilt today I got up early around 7 am this morning to hand sew all of this little squares together to make a quilt it took me all day to finish this.
I am going to add on to it later and make it a little bit bigger to cover my whole bed. 
I had fun making all of these little animals hand sewing each one and picking out what fabric I wanted to use as well as picking out the buttons to use for the eyes. I also enjoyed picking out what ribbon I wanted to use and beads.
I have epilepsy so hand sewing as helped me with my hand eye coordination it also helped me with being creative. I find hand sewing to be a fun way to pass the time and it helps me to relax.
My mom showed me how to hand sew when I was eigh…

Buttons and beads O My A Few of My Favorite Things.

Beautiful beads 

Vintage buttons from my mom
beautiful blue vintage buttons
beautiful beads 
Looking through moms vintage buttons.

Buttons and beads O My A Few of My Favorite Things.
I started sewing again so I needed some supplies. With my mom's help, she let me look through some of her sewing supplies and pick out the buttons I wanted. 
I had a lot of fun going through her buttons and picking out the ones I wanted.
I would have to say that buttons are my favorite I love finding that one button that would look good with whatever I am making.
My favorite buttons are vintage buttons and cute ones that look like flowers and little animals. 
Beads come in handy when you are sewing as well it is a lot of fun finding a bead the match what you are making same with a button and sewing floss and thread. 
I found sewing to be very relaxing and fun it is a good way to pass the time I could sew all day if I could my mom got me started on hand sewing when I was 12. So I just started back up again.